We support Family Businesses in their growth, transfer and shareholding structuring projects.

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Our multidisciplinary support notably covers the following areas

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    We help you developing governance adapted to your needs.

    We formalise this governance while respecting “corporate” and “family” interests.

    Mission examples :

    Maintaining family balance in shareholding

    Ensuring the transmission of professional assets

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    External growth

    We assist you in your acquisition/sale of companies or assets.

    We get involved in the negotiation, drafting of documents and implementation of the operation.

    Mission examples :

    Fiscally optimising the operation

    Defending your interests during negotiations

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    We assist you in the legal and tax structuring of the transfer of the family business.

    We get involved in the drafting and implementation of the operation.

    Mission examples :

    Tax optimisation of the transmission

    Preserving the powers of the family circle

  • Tax litigation

    We assist you against the tax authority in the event of a tax inspection.

    We defend your interests in the event of tax disputes (court proceedings).

    Mission examples :

    Defending your interests by assessing your real chances of success/gains

    Negotiating with the tax authority

Business Case

Family Charter


A family business wishes to:

Anticipate potential family conflicts within its shareholders

Lay the foundations for transmission to the next generation

Our solution

Identification of latent conflicts

Explaining family values

Family Governance Tools

Anticipating & Preparing transmission


Drafting a family charter

Creation of a Family Council

Upskilling of the next generation

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