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Our approach

  • Our goal

    Our goal is the full satisfaction and success of our Clients.

    Reaching this goal requires strong convictions shared by the members of the Firm: professional skills are a prerequisite and interpersonal skills are decisive (integrity / pedagogy / commitment).

    This approach leads us to collaborate regularly with professionals with complementary skills (transaction services, M&A advisors, accountants, notaries, ICC etc.) in order to best serve our Clients.

  • Our view

    Our view of counsel aims to support our Clients in their strategic & operational decision-making. This counsel practice involves a specific approach:

    Within the Firm: we constantly communicate in order to compare our analyses and experiences on current missions. Our internal tools allow us to collaborate in “project mode” without losing time or information.

    Towards our Clients: we interact using clear and operational wording, with a will to educate. Our writings are concise and direct, accompanied, if necessary, by diagrams, numerical examples and/or infographics (Legal Design).

    We seek feedback from our Clients at the end of the mission and we take it into account with a view to constantly improving the Firm.

  • Our beliefs

    Competence creates added value
    We individually develop dual skills in complementary areas of business law (e.g.: M&A / Tax or Tax / Wealh Managementg): this transversal approach allows us to interact autonomously and effectively with our Clients and Partners.

    Transparency enables Trust
    We systematically establish a prior mission letter indicating the terms of the mission (tasks / planning / team) as well as our previously defined fees. Our Clients have 24/7 access to a secure internet space (extranet): they can check the progress of the mission, joint draft acts and documents, and pay the fees online.

    Commitment induces Performance
    We believe in the involvement of the Firm members as a success factor of our Clients’ projects. We adopt a direct and transparent attitude, and make no compromises contrary to the interests of our Clients.



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